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I just found this website. http://www.helpinghandsmonkeys.org/

So....intelligent tiny Capuchin monkeys for paralyzed people who are trained to follow your every command and help you out. Those little claws look pretty sharp, too. I think I'd like my own personal attack monkey. I'd name him Mojo(bonus points if you get the reference!) and sic him on idiots who stare at me or little kids who don't know when to back off.

And this is exactly why they'll probably never let me have one. XD
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I've just been thinking about the last few months, and it occured to me how we adapt and shift our hopes as time goes on.

Right after I broke my neck, I was planning on having a miracle recovery during the summer and walking into college.

A month later, I was thinking about a career in wheelchair sports.

A month later, I was focusing on getting a little arm function back to be able to be slightly independent.

None of that happened. My arms are still completely paralyzed, and today, I realized that I was sort of at peace with that. I've spent a lot of time denying that this is my new life, and I think I'm done with that.
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I'm really fucking bored this morning, so I started this livejournal. We'll see how I do at keeping it updated.

Love you, Tristain, since you're probably the only one reading this. XD
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